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Long Island personal trainer company, Premier Fitness Inc., provides in-home personal trainer services with a variety of affordable available. My name is Reese Kemp. I'm head trainer and owner of Premier Fitness Inc. Personal Training. Take advantage of our free session offer to get you started. We're so sure of your success that we offer a money back guarantee if you don't see results.

Long Island's Suffolk County is our home. Nassau County is part of our training area as well. Long Island residents seeking our services are diverse. Personal trainer assistance is needed to guide them in their efforst to lose weight; fight blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes; as well as increasing muscle mass. Your personal trainer will bring equipment to use, and will also make use of any fitness equipment that is available on hand.

If Personal training assistance is something you've been thinking about in the past, but were hesitant to make the initial commitment, we offer all of our new clients a free session so they can sit down and discuss their goals with our trainers face to face. Also, our Web site has been set up to answer as many questions as possible including a personal trainer FAQ and list of packages and rates. Take a look around, and, when you're ready, contact us and we will schedule your free in-home session. The personal trainer company Long Island can help you obtain the results that you have been seeking.

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Thank you for choosing Premier Fitness Training, the premier in-home personal trainer service on Long Island.

Reese helped me not only train but also taught me to enjoy training. With his aid I was able to completely change the way my body looked and how I felt. His positive attitude allowed me to push myself like never before. He introduced so many different exercises that were often tough, yet yielded amazing results.

Shannon J.
Bellport, Long Island

Reese helped me to lose the weight I wanted for a trip to Florida, and it wasn't just me who noticed. I received numerous compliments, and people I work with asked me what I was doing. I recommended Reese and his trainers, and I recommend them to you.

Heather L.
Bayport, Long Island

Reese helped me clean up my diet and showed me that I was overtraining my muscles, preventing them from growing. He helped me get out my rut and and back to making progress in my workouts again.

Anthony M.
Manorville, Long Island